Versatile, glass is always a great option for any environment and proposal. You can encourage the use of the material on balconies, facades, doors, windows and more decorations. The advantages for your client are endless: from saving on artificial lighting to modernizing the space!

A trend in architecture, it has been used more and more every day, including covering an entire wall – both indoors and outdoors. Glass, in addition to elevating the property, allows the interaction and integration of spaces, and contrary to what many think, it is safe.

Next, we will see the advantages of offering glass to your client instead of materials such as wood, stone and other coatings, and also the benefits of choosing Privacy Class Polarized Glass for your project.

Offering a fixed tempered glass wall can bring many advantages to your customer compared to masonry walls. Among them we can mention:

Transparency: interactivity between one room and another, promoting a feeling of greater size;
Natural light: ensures greater savings in electricity during the day (decreasing the electricity bill);
Integration with the landscape: both with the external area and the option of a winter garden as decoration;
Ease and speed of installation: it is essential to hire a good service;
Simplicity in cleaning and maintenance: just pass a damp cloth with neutral soap weekly, unlike annual paintings.
Living room glass wall
Indicated for places with a lot of sunlight, the glass with solar protection controls the entrance of heat and ensures more thermal comfort to the internal rooms.

With some more modern materials, your customer can save up to 70% of electricity, because air conditioning is responsible for a large portion of the electricity bill. Here’s a great opportunity to convince!

Thus, among the benefits are:

Reduction in the use of electricity with air conditioning;
The reflective solar control glass guarantees privacy to the user during the day, without limiting the external view of the users inside the environments.
Excellent solution as a cladding for facades in the glass skin or Glazing system, ensuring quick installation and low maintenance.
Laminated or insulated can be applied, and some products can also be applied monolithic or tempered.
Glass wall, when choosing a glass wall art
The option of laminated glass with an aluminum frame is the best solution presented when looking for modernity and clean environments for the project.

Among the advantages of the aluminum and glass door, we can mention:

Differentiated aesthetics;
Greater natural lighting (savings on the electricity bill);
Integration between internal and external areas (feeling of greater m²);
Sustainability in composition;
Easy to clean, maintain and long-lasting (just neutral soap and a damp cloth);
Safety: in cases of breakage, the fragments do not come loose, avoiding danger to those nearby.
PKO Privacy Glass polarized glass represents the balance between privacy and the entry of light into environments. That’s because it uses a revolutionary technology that transforms glass from a white translucent color to colorless, just by pressing a button.

Waiting Room with Privacy Glass
Waiting Room with Privacy Glass
Partition with projection using Privacy Glass
Partition with projection using Privacy Glass
Privacy Glass
Privacy Glass
Thus, we can mention the benefits of PKO Privacy Glass:

It can be designed for both 110V and 220V voltages.
It allows the rational use of spaces and the creation of technological environments.
Ease of cleaning, maintenance and high durability.
When receiving projection, the glass provides higher quality of the projected image, as it has liquid crystal in its composition.
Custom made for special projects.
Applications such as: Meeting rooms, Partitions, Bathrooms, Restaurants, Clinics and Hospitals.
In addition, PKO offers Privacy Glass both in extra clear glass and in colorless glass, a differential that allows the customer to choose the most appropriate solution for each project. Get a Privacy Glass quote for your client directly on our website!